As a psychologist I offer you support and understanding whilst assisting you to work through your difficulties.

I offer individual and couple consultations to address a wide range of issues.  These include:





personal issues
• Self-Confidence/Self-Esteem
• Assertiveness
• Stress Management
• Study Issues
• Confusion and Indecision
• Life Direction
• Motivation and Concentration Difficulties
• Problem Solving
• Anger Management

• Flatness, Sadness, Guilt, Self-Blame
• Feeling Trapped, Loss of Enjoyment
• Irritability, Fatigue
• Post-Natal Depression

• Anxiety and Panic Attacks
• Fears
• Obsessions (eg. counting, hand washing, hoarding)
• Phobias
• Intrusive Thoughts and Images

life crises/traumas
• Childhood Sexual and Physical Abuse

physical issues
• Infertility, Miscarriage
• Recurring Illnesses, Aches and Pains
• Irritable Bowel, Stomach Pain
• Migraines, Muscle Tension
• Sleeping Difficulties


• Coping with Separation/Divorce
• Affairs
• Communication Skills
• Sexual Issues
• Enhancing Relationships
• Grief/Loss
• Conflict with Parents (however young or old you may be)
• Mother-Daughter Relationships
• Father-Son Relationships
• Gay Issues (eg. coming out)

social issues
• Loneliness, Isolation, Shyness, Blushing
• Difficulties with Making Friends
• Migration Issues

weight-related issues
• Body-Image Concerns
• Overeating, Bingeing, Purging
• Compulsive Eating
• Bulimia
• Anorexia

work-related issues
• Time-management, Burnout
• Work Conflict, Harassment

personal growth
• Individual Psychotherapy with a Self-Development Focus


Please note that Specialist Clinical Psychology Medicare Rebates apply with an appropriate GP referral.
Private Health Insurance rebates also apply.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any of my services.



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